Rebecca Vs. Mexico​/​Oklahoma Car Crash split

by Rebecca Vs. Mexico

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released December 28, 2012

Produced, Engineered, & Mixed by: Dan ABH
Recorded at The ABH House, The Lab at Convergence, & The
Lab Sound Studio (located in Northern Virginia)
Mastered by: Bill Henderson at Azimuth (NJ)
Album Design & Art by: Tori Lane
Insert Design & Layout by: Cassie Groover
Photograph by: Heather McPherson
Album Layout by: Jessica Brown

All songs written & performed by: Oklahoma Car Crash, except (*) written by: Dan ABH/Rebecca Vs. Mexico
All songs written & performed by: Rebecca Vs Mexico, except (*) written by: NathanBrown/Oklahoma Car Crash.


DEDICATED TO: A.J. Parker ('82-'11) & James "Beefeater Jones" Conroy ('83-'10) The 2 greatest people & best friends I've known & lost. These songs are for you. Much Loves and Sups. Forever. Miss you both every waking moment.

SUPS TO: Nathan Brown, Jay Smith, Cory Chubb, Steven Birch, Kevin Moquin, Jack Paver, Jane Westerfield, Karen Ferguson, Lily Cousland, Becka Russell, The Lab Sound Studio, & Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering for making these songs happen in real life.

OWNAGE TO: Brody ABH, The Lab All Ages, Convergence, FEST TOO, Oklahoma Car Crash, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, The Drunkest Girl, 3 Foot Leash, Dial-Up, Family Cat, Close Talker, LI[n]ES, Echo, Jake Mayday, The NoVa D.I.Y scene and surrounding areas, Alex Heinz, Dan Reiner, Alex Whilhem, Ashley "The Real Rebecca" Johnson, Lauren Owens, Jessica Brown, Cassie Groover, Rachel & Scott "My Boi!" Kline, Heather McPherson & and much loves & gratitude to Ms. Tori Lane.




all rights reserved


Rebecca Vs. Mexico Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: Keep Myself Together - Oklahoma Car Crash
I’ve seen so many faces walking past me,
But the twinkle in their eyes is like a fire that has died,
The embers burning slowly in the night time.
The smoke is fading away into the falling stars.
I’ve been so many places without knowing
Where the hell I really am.
My feet and legs are obviously aching.
I didn’t think that living could ever be so hard.
So I slowly reassemble everything I’ve ever done,
And realize that my heart is in my own hands.
I think I have decided that I can’t keep myself together.
I’ve said “hello” to way too many people in my life,
To learn that there won’t be another chance to.
I can’t tell you their names or what they look like,
But no matter what they reminded me of you.
I’ve said goodbye to family and friends,
But I don’t think I’ll ever get to see them again.
I’m just not the type of person to move on,
And I am definitely not the type to realize that their gone.
Track Name: It's Okay - Oklahoma Car Crash
I want to see you smile, I want to see you laugh.
I want to hear you say that everything’s okay and that you swear, you’re going to call me back.
Don’t be afraid to cry, don’t be afraid to write a letter.
Don’t be afraid to try and tell me that you need someone to help you out,
And make things a little better.
Alcohol is not the answer, it only makes things worse.
I wish that I had known that when I drank myself to sleep at night,
And always thought that I would be the first, to die
Out of all my friends, but we were already dead on the inside.
From stupid drugs and cigarettes that kept us from being alive.
It’s okay to feel depressed, feel your heartbeat in your chest.
Realize you’re alive, and for that moment you survived.
Track Name: Walls - Oklahoma Car Crash
Hold true to your honesty, and hold true to what you said to me,
And let’s create something beautiful.
Open up your eyes to me, and you’ll see what’s inside of me,
And I hope I won’t be left behind.
So, conquer all your demons or pretend that you can’t see them.
Keep your distance from all these scary things,
Like loneliness or apathy, remember what you said to me
That night I wanted to die.
I would break down the walls for you, and I would build them again.
My legs are weak from standing up, my mind is ready to give up
On everything I love.
But we can do most anything if we give it our everything
You can never give enough.
So let’s keep fucking trying.
Track Name: Flashlights* - Oklahoma Car Crash
Keeping track while wasting time
I write to apologize, and you say "It's the only way"
And so, I'm blocking it out
while you're getting ready for the night time
"You're Singing..." Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Bah, Badada
You've got me upside down & inside out
With flashlights I can see at night
Where me and my friends don't fight
We get along, we say "it's alright"
Another night, you're wasting time
I wait for my rocket ride to come
You talk to everyone
And so, I'm blacking out to pass the time
We spend on talking in these circles
We're singing... Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Bah Badada
Another night, you're wasting time
I call to apologize, and you say "it's the only way"
Track Name: In The Basement - Rebecca Vs. Mexico
The kids are getting famous
The kids are getting famous from that shit talking
I don't hear 'em
The kids are getting famous
The kids are getting famous from that shit talking
We don't hear 'em
We'll be down in the basement
We'll be down in the basement, Won't you sing along, sing along
I'll be down in the basement, I'll be down in the basement won't you sing along?
Burn down the self
Burn down the self
And I'll be burning, down the south
Track Name: 352-OH NO! - Rebecca Vs. Mexico
352-OH NO
Tonight! I'm drinking again
You keep your head low
Holding thoughts and those sins
But now you're okay
You wrap your wrist tight
You're waving goodbye
Oh No! It's death again
He took your family
And 2 of my friends
And now we're choking
On what was just said
I've got a big plan
You're thinking bad ideas
You said "I feel a little weaker"
The afterlife seems bitter, but sweeter
The downside flips you, holds you down, and keeps you
I'll die trying not to let it beat you
I know something that he used to say
It breaks my heart and I repeat it everyday
You never saw it coming
There wasn't any other way?
It's consequences
And they always say the the same thing
Oh No!
Oh No!
Oh No!
Tonight you're drinking again
I keep my head low
Holding thoughts and my sins
But now we're okay for the night
You've got a big plan
I'm thinking bad ideas
Track Name: It's Not Me - Rebecca Vs. Mexico
I'm thinking that I'll fool myself
with all those books and bottles on my shelf
I realize that I'm falling out
You dont know what I'm talking about
You forgot my favorite lines?
I'll just save them for another time
When your thinking process goes
There is something we wont wanna know
We're both caught up dangerously
Carefully losing our scenes
We're screaming
Its not you, Its not me
Its just a dime store tragedy
And it involves only me
We only know how to fade
and talk discretely
With a million thoughts in my head
I battle with the words I just said
Driving down the streets that wont end
Its isolation with my dead friends
Im spending ending all my nights with you
Its making caring sharing hard to do
Holding all my secrets down with glue
and all your nightmares are coming true
You can see the end
Yes! I know this drought
You'll begin to know what Im talking about
Your taken away with only pictures
and Im left with bottles and your scriptures
With all the conversations that I keep
They aren't meant to destroy me
The nightmares versus all those dreams
Keep saying "its not me"
Track Name: Savior* - Rebecca Vs. Mexico
I'll move with the seasons, rapidly changing my mind
On the decision, whether to be cold or warm inside
Do you call this breathing? I can't feel the feeling of breaking apart
The laws are misspoken, but you shouldn't be breaking my
Hearts aren't always made of stone
(but they almost never find their home)
Call on the savior
(call all your best friends and break all their bones)
I'm a part of the ceiling, staring back at you while you're asleep
I'm that terrible feeling, there's a promise you could never manage to keep
I'm a phone call you ignore, or a message you never expected to read
I won't come to your front door, if you never wanted to see me
Breathe in the cold air,
(breathe in all the smoke and black your lungs)
Call on the savior
(keep your cheek close to your tongue)
Hearts aren't always made of stone,
(but they almost never find their home)
Call on the savior
(Call on your best friends and break all their bones)
Break all their bones